The Cocoon 

Ely stirred. A bird sang clear. Earth turned. Sunrise appeared. I opened my eyes and thought I saw you beside me. I was wrong and the bong of the alarm signals fate, as my sleeping bag grows more like a cocoon everyday. c1988

I Saw A Man 

sit'n on a sidewalk lean'n 'gainst a wall silent sadly look'n out at it all. wondrin' where his life's gone wondrin' where it's been just sit'n think'n wondrin' 'bout the world he's in. the sea of life around him the void of life with'n what's he see in others what's he see in him. this speck of life I saw there this semblance of it all just sit'n think'n die'n on this hunger driven wall.

The Gentle Nurse of Birth 

There are a lot of touches down the road of life we touch-get touched it's pleasure and it's strife Some touch will sear with pain like the wrath of hellish vent and others will be soothing like those of heavens scent. Now you will have your choices somewhere down the line to choose a touch that pleases from each and every kind. Then again at times, you'll have no choice of touch, you'll just feel what life has dealt you in the things that mean so much. You might feel the touch that rakes your body…

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Song For Kuenzi 

I often think about a space where earth touches sky where moon glides by with smile'n face and starlight Pixies fly where rainbowed showers cleanse my mind with life for all my flowers and birth of me is birth of spring in Mother Natures powers I often think about a space where streams and currents flow where flutterbyes are on the chase and Pixie Maidens glow, where wind is free to whistle on with music like a rhyme and Pixie Maidens are the…

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I Walked Out On The Desert 

I walked out on the desert I went where no one goes My feet are crack'd 'n bleed'n I got sand between my toes. I walked out on the desert I crawled thru cactus land Thorns tore at my mind I swam upon the sand. I walked out on the desert I went where no one goes My flute sang to the empty and the empty thanked me so...